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Company Overview


Alton Segal, established in 2008 offers a comprehensive line of engineering and professional services including Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Industrial Automation.

With regards to the extensive experience of the company’s founders from one side and the lack of practical application of the knowledge in repair and maintenance which has incurred further expense on the country’s industry from the other side, made our company to recruit efficient employees with the aim of extending its activities in the field of repair and maintenance through inspection and observation.

To fulfill such big mission of enhancing such approaches, our company has coordinated with advanced western countries in this field especially  United States and has taken advantage of their latest knowledge which has resulted in appearance of products required for observation and inspection of vibration, oil, temperature, sound and etc.

Apart from production equipment, test equipment, assembly lines and industrial automation systems, this company offers services including hydraulic elements test such as pumps, hydro motors and proportional valves which has turned our company into one of the best and well known company in this field.

Holding a variety of training courses with the aim of brushing up technical and engineering knowledge of country’s industry is one of overwhelming features of our company.

High quality services and customer satisfaction are two principles which are gained from continuous education of staff. Keeping up with the latest developments and knowledge and offering exceptional customer service, has always been the direction and future vision of our executive team in Alton Segal.